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LIKE MANY BUSINESS IDEAS, Black//Brown was conceived from a mix of lived experience, market observations and a powerful question which came together in a crescendo one day in 2018...



THE LIVED EXPERIENCE was a function of my nearly 20 years building and growing revenue for companies that ranged from global blue chips searching for new markets, to start-ups looking to disrupt through innovation.  In all these scenarios, the one constant was my focus on the powerful combination of Emerging Audiences (Latino & Black) who were increasingly shaping the future of our country and economy, and the Emerging Platforms which dominated how they communicated.


THE MARKET OBSERVATIONS centered around the curious fact that the only modalities which seemed to exist in the corporate world to express this amazing opportunity were either Human Resources related (DE&I and hiring more representative employees) or end-of-funnel multicultural marketing (affinity budgets and media targeting).  No one seemed focused on how diversity could be leveraged as a strategic revenue engine... 

And that’s when the powerful question hit.


WHAT IF we could use diversity-focused data and insights to design transformative growth strategies, not at the bottom of the value chain where marketing and HR were, but at the very top; at the place where new products, new initiatives, and new markets are born?

If we were able to do that, then the true power of diversity could be unleashed to future-proof companies for the next 100 years...


A band of brothers and sisters, armed with deep data and insight tools, world-class strategic ability, business and operational chops and with the lived experience and domain expertise to help companies grow by authentically activating the demographic sea change happening in America.


We’re very happy you’re here and we'd be honored if you'd play a part in our story.  



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