The Remix.

Evolution is often the fruit of great difficulty. When we fall - and get back up - we’re either stronger, or wiser than we were before we stumbled. Sometimes we’re both. This sentiment is true for many companies who have pivoted, redeployed or reimagined themselves as a result of the events of last year, and it’s also true for Black//Brown.

Today we announce the next step in our evolution: the launch of a Social Impact Studio to accompany our advisory practice and the reconstitution of our business into a Social Enterprise (for-profit of course!).

Through our careers, my business partner Jesus Chavez and I have helped launch, grow or operate a variety of businesses at the service of storytelling (Disney, Univision, mitú, Vertical Networks, etc), and most of that storytelling has been rooted in emerging voices that are generally overlooked and underserved. So both “story” and “diversity” are in our DNA. But the truth is, the opportunity around diversity and storytelling is evolving too. From Representation; meant to appease diversity rather than embrace it, to Authenticity; real stories, driven by diverse insights that resonate with everyone, to where we find ourselves today: Impact; moving beyond stories and being part of the solution to create actual change in communities.

In short, we feel the content & marketing world needs to move from Storytelling to Storydoing and we want to be at the service of this great shift. Our Impact Studio will tell these stories on behalf of our brand clients (video & audio) and it will also develop original stories (audio-first) for a variety of platforms, and our new Social Enterprise focus will allow us to partner with nonprofits, foundations and grassroots orgs to connect the stories to the work of social impact on the ground. Storydoing!

As part of documenting this evolution in the market, and our own, we’re launching The Remix newsletter - you can sign up here to receive it. This newsletter will be for brand, content and social responsibility leaders and cover issues at the intersection of marketing, story and social impact. We’ll highlight examples from our work and others who are storydoing and share from the direct conversations we’re having on these subjects each week in our podcast, TDR.

I want to especially thank every client, partner & friend in their respective roles in helping us get to this point in the evolution of the company. No way we'd be here without you.

Your thoughts, suggestions and partnership opportunities are always welcome!

Thank you for joining us on this journey!


Charlie & Jesus

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