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Where Will Growth Come From This Year?

That’s The Million Dollar Question That Execs Are Asking. And There’s An Answer!

Join us on January 16 @2PM ET, Via Zoom

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Dive into the demographic shift setting the stage for the next big wave in home improvement.


Join us as we decode the secrets of engaging with the burgeoning Latino market, a journey rich with opportunity and growth.

In this exclusive webinar, tailored for visionary C-suite leaders, we dissect the evolving landscape of the home improvement sector through the lens of Latino homeownership. With in-depth analysis and expert insights, we uncover the immense potential and strategies for capitalizing on this demographic wave. This is your gateway to not just adapting but thriving in a market ripe with untapped opportunities.

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You'll gain insights on


Emerging Market Dynamics


Understand the shift in market trends driven by Latino homeowners.


Cultural Nuance Mastery

 Learn to navigate and embrace the rich tapestry of bicultural values and preferences.


Strategic Market Engagement

Discover how to effectively connect with and cater to the Latino demographic.


Future-Proof Growth Strategies

Equip your brand with innovative approaches to stay ahead in a competitive landscape.


Charlie Echeverry
CEO, Managing Director

Domain expert in strategy and partnerships. Communication black belt. C-suite relationships. Rain-maker. Light sleeper.

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